Welcome to the Upgradable Tools Mod for Minecraft PE Wiki

This is a mod for Minecraft PE that adds in a ton of upgrades for your tools. Use the blue tabs on the top to navigate around (or the 3-line menu if you're using the mobile site).



1. Make sure your android device is rooted 2. Download BlockLauncher from the Google Play Store 3. Make sure Minecraft is installed 4. Click the download link, wait a couple of seconds and click "Skip ad" on the top right. 5. Copy the web address of the site that pops up 6. Open BlockLauncher 7. Click the wrench in the middle of the top of your screen 8. Click "Manage ModPE scripts" 9. Click "Import" and then "Web address" 10. Paste it in the window and click "Ok" 11. Enjoy!

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